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Europa Tour is an organization by JS Dottignies, which is a new club created only two years ago, and which  will therefore play its third season in 2014-2015.


This tournament will gather teams from several European countries, teams which want to prepare the season the best way possible.


If the details are not clear enough, feel free to contact Jean-François Woestyn, who is in charge of the tournament, by going on the contact page.



Tournament rules

This tournament have the agreement from the AWBB federation to be organised.  


The tournament will be played on August 23 (for U14, U16, U18 & U21).  


Each team must have somebody for the scoring sheet.  


Each team must have 2 different shirts in case of matching colors.


The team should arrive not later than 30 minutes before the start of their 1st game.


All games are played 2x15 minutes running time. Only 1 chrono for 3 fields.


Each player can only make 4 fouls. A team can make 6 team-faults. Following fouls will give the other team free-throws.


Each team has one time-out in each half.


2 minutes rest at halftime


Substitutions can be made at all times during the game.  


U14 will play with mini balls (size 5). Older will play with senior balls (size 7).




The registrations are limited to 8 teams/category. This will be closed 10 days before the tournament, so that we can efficiently establish the programms for both days.


You can subscribe by fill in the form below or send it to the person in charge of the tournament (see contact page)


The team registration costs 15 €. Each team will be offered free beverages, a water pack, a trophy depending on the classification and the possibility to win the MVP Prize of the tournament (1 per category, individual prize) or the fair-play prize (one for each team). The registration will only be confirmed when the fee is paid.


The registration will be validated only in the reception of this amount. 


Here is the bank account information :
Bank account : BE64 0688 9493 4252
IBAN : BE64 0688 9493 4252
Object : Entry Europa Tour "team" ("category") 


Hope to see you all on 23 August !


Please fill in the form below for registration


Note : veuillez remplir les champs marqués d'un *.


Listed teams are on this link.


Hall de l'Europe

Rue de l'Arsenal, 3

7711 Dottignies